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Rise And Shine aims to protect the live of people
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Safeguarding the integrity of the property or a structure and taking care of the people occupying them is essential for any business. To address this safety concern and deliver a range of world-class fire protection services, Rise and Shine was set up by Mr. G. Ravi Subramanyam in the UAE. With a team of dedicated professionals and years of collective industry experience, we are committed to delivering fire protection services and solutions of an exceptional standard.
Using our innovative and technologically advanced systems and equipment, we work every day to be the most preferred provider for integrated safety strategies and solutions that evade hazardous challenges locally and internationally. Over the years, we have transformed our business through internal growth and expanded operations in multiple locations to become one of the industry leaders in fire protection solutions.

We take full ownership of our systems, products and services and deliver projects that meet international standards of quality and compliance. Right from early engagement to discuss and understand your project needs, to compliance, design, and reviewing to full handover, we are with you every step of the way.

The company has been committed to enhancing the working environment and bringing about strategic growth and development using innovation and technology.

Mr. Ravi Subramanyam


Mr. Ravi Subramanyam

Rise & Shine is founded by Mr. Ravi Subramanyam during the year 2006, a B.E.Mechanical Engineer from India. His discreet vision and self-motivated attitude has helped the Rise & Shine Group to become a market leader within a short span of time.
Mr. Ravi Subramanyam started off his career as a Marketing professional and set his own units in Sharjah-UAE and spread across Qatar, Saudi Arabia,Oman and India. He has been highly admired for his hard-working attitude, achieving outlook, associations with other business persons and unparalleled vision to take Rise & Shine Group to a newer pinnacle.


Mrs. Padmavathy Shivaramiah wife of Ravi Subramanyan she has been an advisor, colleague,friend always having time for listening & giving suggestions to the little problems and roadblocks that unavoidably crop up in the course of building this company till date. Her support, patience, and encouragement made Rise & Shine dream come to reality.


Founder Message

Rise and Shine group is a conglomerate of companies headquartered in the UAE with a vision to be one of the most competitive, technologically advanced and preferred companies globally, providing solutions for a safe and secure environment. As a young individual, I once saw Rise and Shine written on a wall, which instantly motivated me to create something that can add value and enhance the environment I am in.
As a company, we take great pride in being able to offer a wide range of services that protect properties, structures and lives. Rise and Shine has a proven track record and reliable reputation in the fire safety and service industry and is constantly evolving to serve the dynamic needs of our clients and the markets we operate in.
Our solutions can be found in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional applications. We are a people-focused company that thinks and acts both locally and globally. We propagate a culture of excellence and community development while aligning our workforces with the philosophy of superior business practices that lead to successful outcomes.
I am confident that with the support of our team and cherished customers and stakeholders, Rise and Shine will continue to scale new heights in alignment with our mission of contributing to a safe and secure environment.

Business Philosophy



Our employees are one of our company’s greatest assets. What they say about our company, how they act in the workplace, and how happy they are in their roles all impact on our brand, our image, our levels of service and ultimately our customers' satisfaction.



Vendors are one of the key elements to help & grow our business.

Vendors contribute majorly by providing comprehensive Engineering support throughout the project. They also lead, provide us guidance &superior products which are during the execution of our projects.



The primary purpose of a business is to create a customer because it is the customer who will determine the growth potential of a business.
They are the resource upon which the success of the business depends.



Management role is majorly on decision making. Ensuring all Employees, Customers & Vendors are having a smooth relationship which is profitable for both individual & Company.

Brand Journey

From its humble beginnings in 2006 in the UAE, Rise and Shine has grown to be one of the leading names in the fire protection industry today. We have expanded our foothold not only in the UAE but also in Qatar, Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India and Canada.
At Rise and Shine, we are a full-service fire protection company that provides strategic and sustainable solutions to diverse industries locally and internationally. Our contribution in the field of contracting and allied services is truly encouraging. From a medium-sized contracting firm in Sharjah, we emerged as one of the prominent names in the field of contracting with specialization in fire stop applications, fireproofing services, supply and application of waterproofing chemicals, PU foam and construction chemicals application, and technical services domain.
Our unparalleled vision is to positively contribute to the environment and deliver fire protection and proofing services of an exceptionally high standard. We have always prioritised quality over quantity, compliance, and innovation in every project we undertake and will continue to do so.

Our Vision

We aim to lead the next generation through technology, continue to innovate our solutions and thus expand our global footprint. Rise and Shine envisions a future where intelligent solutions take care of the safety, security and durability of structures, spaces, assets and the environment. Our aim is to fulfil our mission of protecting our clients and building strong relationships with them. We do this by employing highly experienced, qualified and competent people; integrating state-of-the-art technology and achieving business compliance around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality products and services in the industry that completely satisfy all our clients’ needs. We strive to offer high quality, valuable and sustainable services that help safeguard our clients’ spaces and the environment. We derive our success from the success of our clients and are committed to developing new strategies and plans based on a customer-driven philosophy. Hence, every activity we undertake and the services we provide are focused on improving the quality of spaces and people and offering a competitive edge


Founded by Mr. Ravi Subramanyam


Established office in Sharjah in the name of Rise & Shine Fire Protection Extended Operations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the name of Rise & Shine Insulation Fire Protection LLC
Spread its wings to four more countries – Qatar, Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and India.


Expanded to Qatar as Rise & Shine Trading & Contracting Company (RSTC)
Established another branch – Rise & Shine Engineering Services (RSES).
Assigned New Doha International Airport, Sidra, and WTC


Expanded operations in India – Rise & Shine Contracting L.L.P
Executed government contracts along with BBMP
Associated with multinational companies like HITLI, PepsiCo-Pune, and Qualcomm-Bengaluru


Began operations in Oman – Rise & Shine Technical Services LLC
Executed the OCTAL project.

QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy


QHSE implies safety, conformity and stability for commercial, industrial and service companies. For over 15 years, Rise and Shine has shown excellent commitment to best practices, compliance and client satisfaction in the field of fire protection and fire proofing. We have been able to achieve this through the following:
● Continual improvement of our integrated quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management system
●Effectively identifying hazards and risks, assessing them and practising relevant operational control methods that can arise from the current and evolving activities of the company and impact the health and safety management.
● Identifying and assessing all environmental risks and impacts, exercising effective control and taking necessary measures to mitigate any impact that may arise.
● Staying up to date with relevant legal and regulatory norms pertaining to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.
Taking proactive action has helped us establish a culture of continual improvement, eventually leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced risk. Making QHSE a priority has also boosted our brand image and resulted in greater customer and employee satisfaction.


The sun symbolizes power and energy to overcome obstacles and spread positivity. With this thought in mind, Mr Ravi Subramanyam started his journey as a marketing professional and went on to form a huge conglomerate that has contributed significantly to the UAE market.

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