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Fire Stopping

Firestopping is a part of the passive fire protection system that involves the practise of reinstating fire compartmentation and barriers that have been penetrated. A comprehensive fire-stopping set-up includes components like mortars, silicone, firestop pillows, mineral fibres, and rubber compounds. Rise & Shine is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 certified organisation in all the countries where it has its presence. The company is accredited with NFCA & FM approvals with 9 DRIs (Designated Responsible Individual) and has been approved by civil defence and various other authorities across the region. Through well-documented, organized, and professional expertise, Rise and Shine also helps take care of all firestopping requirements of any given structure.

We employ a highly qualified adequate team of firestop inspectors under one roof that helps to maintain fire-stopping following the listing, approval use, and compliance with various building and structural code requirements. Whether it’s fire and life safety for multi-story buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, or other structures, we comply and deliver end-to-end fire-stopping solutions.


Fireproofing as a passive fire protection measure is the act of making materials or structures more resistant to fire and is also the process of installing and applying certification-listed fireproof substances. We at Rise and Shine extend our expertise to intumescent, cementitious fireproofing for steel in the commercial, industrial, and oil & gas sectors. Steel and intumescent fireproofing are typically used in passive fire protection once various steel structures, fire stops, firewalls, and fire doors are tested to determine the fire resistance rating. As a fireproofing company, our specialists, with their extensive knowledge and experience, offer comprehensive fireproofing solutions.

Rise and Shine is a proud bearer of approvals from major product manufacturers, governments, national and international trade organizations, authorities, and associations related to the PFP industry; plus, FM Approvals, NFCA Accreditation, FCIA Approval, and active memberships with various PFP associations around the globe. Our commitment to safety, quality work, and optimal procedures are not limited to our products and workmanship. We operate to the highest standards, using technical excellence, and constantly strive to provide you with the safest, secured, approved, and certified fire resistance solutions.

GRP lining

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) lining is the most technologically advanced and cost-effective way of protecting surfaces from corrosion and water leakage. The GRP lining products are highly flexible, durable, lightweight, resistant to ageing and corrosion, high-intensity, stable, and aesthetically appealing. It is the process of composite sheet application that uses both GRP and resin to attain the desirable strength of the structure At Rise & Shine, we deal in an all-inclusive range of GRP lining systems by specialising in hand-layup applications. We employ composite sheets along with resins to provide waterproofing to concrete tanks that consist of pores and holes. There are different types of resins used based on the purpose of the project, such as polyester, vinyl ester, or epoxy.

The size varies between 4mm to 7mm depending on the kind of waterproofing needed. Our advanced precision moulding facilities enable us to complete projects of different magnitudes. Various reputed brands like Polychem Middle East, Knightsbridge, and Scott Bader that have a strong presence and network across the GCC are our distinguished resin suppliers. Their futuristic facilities and 24/7 team support us 24/7, which has enabled us to provide excellent essential services to meet all client requirements.

Combo Roofing

A Combo roofing system is a comprehensive multilayer roofing system that provides complete finishing for the roof. This unique system comprises waterproofing and thermal insulation and is one of the most effective solutions for energy efficiency. 

We have complied and fulfilled various requirements for roof U-Values, green building regulations, standards, and values, as set by government bodies, as certified and approved contractors by the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL), and as holders of various ISO and SAI RoofSheild Ultra certifications.

Using the PU foam innovation technique and high-quality SRI coating, we provide complete waterproofing and thermal insulation for the roofed surface. It offers better thermal insulation, a seamless waterproof membrane, less damage to the system due to water leakage, UV protection, retains flexibility, is environmentally friendly, and provides a longer Lifespan guarantee of service (25 years).

Our systems and solutions are widely accepted by all major property developers, consultants, and contractors. Rise and Shine, through various variants of roofing, provides thermal insulation, waterproofing, and finishing for metal roofs of manufacturing plants, industries, warehouses, and malls, etc. The Roof Shield PL system is ideal for concrete roofing and flooring in industries, chemical plants, sewage and waste water treatment plants, swimming pools, canals, military etc. We provide the following variants for our combo roof shielding systems: 

We provide the following variants for our combo roof shielding systems:

  • Roof Shield Ultra
  • Roof Shield


  • Roof Shield Metal
  • Roof Shield PL

Our workforce is regularly trained and certified by world-renowned raw material manufacturers, namely: DOW, BAYER, BASF, and HUNTSMAN. We believe in teamwork and responsive customer service to ensure the job is well done. 

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is the process of providing insulating material to reduce heat transfer between materials that are in thermal contact. It is done with Rockwool with an aluminium base or Kingspan insulation material. Cavity barriers such as Lamatherm (are manufactured by Saudi Rockwool and Fujairah Rockwool) are designed and installed within the ceilings and roofs of the structures to keep fires at bay and to prevent the leapfrog effect of fire. It helps in the spread of heat from one slab to another slab. ideal for reducing the cost of air-conditioning and making spaces more comfortable The flow of heat is an inevitable process. 

However, thermal insulation provides a region of insulation in which thermal conduction is reduced. At Rise and Shine, we achieve this through design adaptations, specially engineered methods, and the use of appropriate insulation materials. Our services include thermal insulation, building insulation, ceiling insulation, floor insulation, etc. Our team of insulation constructors and experts analyse your structures inside-out and recommend the best thermal insulation solution that will make them sturdy and sustainable.

Coring and Cutting

It’s a technique used for creating openings, modifying or for MEP penetrations in concrete structures. The process of creating circular holes is known as coring. When horizontal or vertical cuts are made in structures, it is known as cutting.  It requires the use of various kinds of blades. At Rise & Shine, we provide safe, secure, reliable, and excellent quality workmanship in both coring and cutting solutions. We are capable of executing projects of any dimension. 

Our team has been providing diverse solutions in reinforced concrete for the construction industry in Qatar, and OMAN. We offer wall sawing, wire sawing, coring, and chemical anchoring services. Our team is trained by HILTI, who is the world’s leading manufacturer of sawing, coring, and drilling equipment. 


Acoustics are crucial for successful building design, and for how people experience sound in spaces and buildings. Rise & Shine provides diverse acoustic solutions and handles vibrations, and noise by effectively using acoustic foams, panels, sound-absorbing panels, and other sound insulation systems. We are the manufacturers of underlayment sheets, and floating floor and gym flooring systems that are engineered to provide superior impact sound and noise insulation between slabs and floors.

Our manufacturing facility in Al Ain, UAE, is outfitted with cutting-edge technology machinery and precision testing facilities. Being approved by the Dubai Acoustic Research Laboratory enables us to easily undertake projects of diverse dimensions.
We offer SAI OvioLevitate Flooring (SAI-OLF) and SAI underlay variants, which help us to meet and exceed customer expectations The acoustic solutions offered by Rise and Shine are sturdy and high performing products that reduce the transmission of sound & vibrations generated due to heavy machinery, footfall, speech and structural borne sound.

They are ideal for concrete floor construction, which consists of screed, wood, tile and concrete. By acting as a de-coupler, they break the transmission of sound waves through the floor-ceiling assembly These solutions are eco-friendly, tough, resilient, wear resistant, easy to install and can be directly used under concrete and gypsum. All these products are rigorously tested to the ASTM standards.

Lamatherm Insulation

Lamatherm is widely known as the ultimate building fire safety solution. The cavity barriers are designed within the building spaces to evade fire and other dangerous gases from spreading. At Rise & Shine, from the quality of materials to solutions, we are committed to delivering everything of superior quality. Our Lamatherm insulation materials are manufactured by SIDERISE and help maintain the continuity of the fire resistance to protect the perimeter of the building. Hence, depending on your requirements and structure, 

various densities and bases are used to make them more fire-resistant. All our solutions at Rise & Shine are easy to install, cost-effective, and can be easily customised to meet your needs and requirements. We aim to ensure main contractors, architects and specifiers, and all of our valued customers continue to benefit from design solutions that are robust and synonymous with good practice. As one of the leading contractors for Lamatherm services in the UAE, our cavity barriers are recognised by various authorities in Dubai and we also hold the ISO certification

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