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Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) lining is the most technologically advanced and cost-effective way of protecting surfaces from corrosion and water leakage. The GRP lining products are highly flexible, durable, lightweight, resistant to ageing and corrosion, high-intensity, stable, and aesthetically appealing. It is the process of composite sheet application that uses both GRP and resin to attain the desirable strength of the structure At Rise & Shine, we deal in an all-inclusive range of GRP lining systems by specialising in hand-layup applications. We employ composite sheets along with resins to provide waterproofing to concrete tanks that consist of pores and holes. There are different types of resins used based on the purpose of the project, such as polyester, vinyl ester, or epoxy.

The size varies between 4mm to 7mm depending on the kind of waterproofing needed. Our advanced precision moulding facilities enable us to complete projects of different magnitudes. Various reputed brands like Polychem Middle East, Knightsbridge, and Scott Bader that have a strong presence and network across the GCC are our distinguished resin suppliers. Their futuristic facilities and 24/7 team support us 24/7, which has enabled us to provide excellent essential services to meet all client requirements.

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