Thermal Insulation

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Thermal insulation is the process of providing insulating material to reduce heat transfer between materials that are in thermal contact. It is done with Rockwool with an aluminium base or Kingspan insulation material. Cavity barriers such as Lamatherm (are manufactured by Saudi Rockwool and Fujairah Rockwool) are designed and installed within the ceilings and roofs of the structures to keep fires at bay and to prevent the leapfrog effect of fire. It helps in the spread of heat from one slab to another slab. ideal for reducing the cost of air-conditioning and making spaces more comfortable The flow of heat is an inevitable process. 

However, thermal insulation provides a region of insulation in which thermal conduction is reduced. At Rise and Shine, we achieve this through design adaptations, specially engineered methods, and the use of appropriate insulation materials. Our services include thermal insulation, building insulation, ceiling insulation, floor insulation, etc. Our team of insulation constructors and experts analyse your structures inside-out and recommend the best thermal insulation solution that will make them sturdy and sustainable.

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