Lamatherm Insulation

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Lamatherm is widely known as the ultimate building fire safety solution. The cavity barriers are designed within the building spaces to evade fire and other dangerous gases from spreading. At Rise & Shine, from the quality of materials to solutions, we are committed to delivering everything of superior quality. Our Lamatherm insulation materials are manufactured by SIDERISE and help maintain the continuity of the fire resistance to protect the perimeter of the building. Hence, depending on your requirements and structure, 

various densities and bases are used to make them more fire-resistant. All our solutions at Rise & Shine are easy to install, cost-effective, and can be easily customised to meet your needs and requirements. We aim to ensure main contractors, architects and specifiers, and all of our valued customers continue to benefit from design solutions that are robust and synonymous with good practice. As one of the leading contractors for Lamatherm services in the UAE, our cavity barriers are recognised by various authorities in Dubai and we also hold the ISO certification

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